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What is "Yoni Steaming"

The Sacred Lounge blends pure luxury with relaxation for our guests’ enjoyment. Here we offer sacred services that will bring optimal release and rejuvenation. Yoni Steaming also known as vaginal steaming or vsteaming combines essential herbs and water to create a holistic steaming practice for women to purge and detox unwanted toxins from the vaginal canal and uterus. We have created a comfortable and convenient environment that all are welcome to enjoy. It is painless and easy and requires no preparation, simply sit on our handcrafted yoni chair, cover your entire body with our steaming robe and relax. This is an ancient practice that has been used for years to alleviate stress, menstrual related ailments, cysts, fibroids, infertility, body odors and more. We have combined ancient history with modern sophistication to bring you a luxury oasis to help heal your most "Sacred" parts.


Benefits and More


Increased Moisture

Rose Flower

Odor Control

Hygiene Products

Period Pain Relief


"Bringing you B A R E self care"

- The Sacred Lounge


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